Step 1: Inquire Through Advertisement. Don’t be shy about reaching out! One of our amazing representatives will gather more information from you, your desired location, and ideal living situation. We’d love to answer any questions to direct you toward the perfect fit!

Step 2: Attend Property Viewing. Schedule a tour of our homes with your local Community Manager. Our CMs are our local experts and community builders, and are eager to answer any questions you might have about Bungalow and our application process.

Step 3: Apply Online. You will receive an application link once you have viewed the property. The application is online, and easy to complete. A $35 fee covers your background check and credit report! Once you hit ‘submit,’ our team will review your application to provide you with a response within 1-3 business days.

Anchor Resident Tip: Ask the Community Manager at the property viewing for the application link. Submitting an application at, or right after, the viewing will put you first in line!

Step 4: Meet the Housemates. Yay, this mean you’re Bungalow-approved! Next, our CM will circulate written bios of all prospective and current residents by email. This is your chance to share your quirks, ideal living situation, and any other fun facts about why you’re a stellar roommate!

Step 5: Sign that Paper. After receiving feedback from both prospective and current residents, your local Community Manager will have our team send a lease your way. Have any questions about the lease? Check out our FAQ here, or contact your CM– we are here to help!

What does the application process consist of?

The application process can be completed entirely online. After attending a viewing, the Community Manager will send an application link, in which you’ll be asked to provide your credit score, proof of income, and rental history.

Move-in costs are your first month’s rent with utilities and the security deposit. The security deposit equates to one month’s rent without utilities.

Twekobe does not charge a brokers fee!

What type of people do you usually rent to?

The majority of our members are young professionals who are similar in age. In most cases, our residents are moving to a new city and are looking to meet new friends with shared interests in their new home.

Are there any costs to me as homeowner?

No. We are leasing the property from you similar to how a traditional tenant could. We’ll pay you and cover the full cost of rent.

Who is on the lease?

Twekobe Living, Inc. is the actual entity that is on the lease. Similar to a corporate lease, Twekobe would be the single lease holder so there’s no need to balance multiple leases or worry about turnover or occupancy.

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